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Model: SL-776A

Power: 1800W

Cooking (Heating): 1000W

Motor (Mixture): 800W

Voltage: 220-240V, 50-60Hz

Display: Blue backlit LCD

RPM: 97 – 10350 rpm

Speeds: 1 to 10 speeds

Bowl: stainless steel

Capacity: 2.5L (max.)

Sensor: heating and temperature sensor

Timer: 1 – 99 mins

Temperature setting: 30C - 120C

PULSE function: Yes

Cooking functions: 5 pre-programmed

Safety feature: thermal cut-off

Overfill protection

Power Cord: 0.8m

Weight: 5.7kg

Content: Robot + 4 accessories (possible to send a recipe book by e-mail)